A commonly accepted area as the setting where Elsa, Joy Adamson’s lioness, was returned to the wild (Born Free 1960 – Written by Joy Adamson). Meru provides an astonishing combination of incomparable habitats. On the lower slopes of Mt. Kenya, it remains a virgin wilderness. Dense riverine forests attract leopards and a full complement of ‘the big five’ including the Black Rhino, in a dramatic setting adorned with doum palms. Over 300 species of birdlife have also been recorded. Wooded thornbush and grasslands in volcanic rock give way to open red soil grasslands over in the east. Highlights include Mulika Swamp, and the noisy Adamson’s fall where the Rojweru and Tana rivers converge. Meru is a beastly amplitude and for many years a kept secret amongst travelers passionate about beauty, peace, and true wilderness.

Landing there you feel part of the landscape, vibrating with hidden sights and unfamiliar sounds. Get prepared for underground citizenry…. Wondrous insect life with sophisticated rites and rituals. You will follow the fresh tracks of animals…. then suddenly your standing stark still, watching a lesser kudzu watching you or giraffe testing the air only yards away from you and your guide.You will also encounter many species than in any other park in East Africa.

MT MERU NATIONAL PARK is famous for its birdlife with forest and riverine as well as the arid species. Regular sightings include elephants, white rhinos, Gerenuks, elands, reticulated Beisa, Oryx, grevy’s Zebras, grants gazelles, Giraffes and their predators lions, leopards, cheetahs and the hyenas. Activities include; Exploring the park on foot, Guided nature walks, bush breakfasts on the plains, line fishing, sundowners at the hippo pools, swimming in the horizontal pool cleft in the rocks.