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Kenya Tourist Attractions

Quick Links about Kenya

Kenya is one of Africa's leading tourism destinations. It is one of the best safari destinations for the country. Kenya is the favourite for big game safaris, beach vacations, mountaineering and cultural tours. Kenya is a land of many contrasts ranging from varied traditions to the culture of the people, the superb beaches along the coastal area, the equatorial glaciers of Mt Kenya at an altitude of more than 4,573 metres, to the natural habitat inhabited by different types of animals both big and small, herivorous and canivores. All this combine to make a small world of Kenya with natural features of its own.

Actually, for many travellers, Kenya means wildlife. More than a million wildebeests and zebras cross southern Kenya in the great migration that normally takes place between July and October and they attract predators in big numbers.In the soda lakes are the herds of flamingoes. If you have ever dreamt about Africa sleeping in the bush surrounded with wildlife, then Kenya is the place for you. Kenya is a top safari destination in Africa with unmatched wildlife. Kenya's flora and fauna are notably so diverse.The vast plains of the south are characterized by distinctive acacia trees. The savannah grassland of the masai mara supports a huge variety of animals and insects. All the big five -the lion, elephant, buffalo, leopard and rhino can be seen in at least two of the major parks plus a huge variety of other impressive animals.