Short Uganda Wildlife Safaris. Short Wildlife Tours to Uganda.

Enjoy cheap Short Uganda wildlife safaris by acacia safaris Uganda to different wildlife safari destinations. Our Short wildlife safaris to Uganda include Uganda mountain hiking trips, Uganda Primates safaris, and Short Uganda gorilla safari. Such short trips to Uganda national parks offer great wildlife, gorilla, primates, and bird watching tours to explore Uganda. Short Uganda wildlife safaris take you to different Uganda safari destinations. Such travel destinations include Lake Mburo national park, Murchison Falls national park, Queen Elizabeth Park, and Kidepo valley national park.

Ultimate Short Uganda Wildlife Safaris. Acacia Safaris Uganda

Uganda Wildlife Tours

3 Days Bwindi Gorilla Safari Uganda Tour

3 Days Bwindi Gorilla Safari Uganda Tour takes you on Uganda gorilla tour to Uganda gorilla safaris tour destination for gorilla trekking tours while on your Uganda safari to Bwindi Impenetrable forest park.

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Tour Murchison Falls Park

3 Days Murchison Falls Safari Uganda Tour

3 days Murchison Falls National Park Safari will provide you with the perfect view of the worlds most powerful fall in the word. It provides breathtaking game drive as you see the beautiful scenery. Murchison Falls National Park lies at the northern end.

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Africa Adventure Tours

3 Day Jinja City Tour Uganda Adventure Safaris

Transfer to Jinja with a stopover at Ssezibwa waterfalls. Sezibwa falls area is also one of the many destinations for birding in Uganda. For an avid bird watcher this gives you an opportunity to explore some of the common and rare species of birds. After you will proceed to Mabira Forest for zip lining or Mabira canopy.

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5 Days Uganda Wildlife Safaris Tour

3 Day Queen Elizabeth National Park Safari

The 3 Day Queen Elizabeth Uganda Wildlife Safari will take you to Queen Elizabeth National Park which has been designated a Biosphere Reserve for humanity under UNESCO auspice.

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Acacia safaris

3 Days Ssese Island Holiday tour

3 Days Ssese Island Holiday tour, Honeymoon Uganda Safari destination. Imagine a vacation on the Ssese Island that many people call the most beautiful in Uganda. Pearl Gardens Beach Hotel combines great.

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Mountain Hiking Tours

4 Days Rwenzori Mountains Hiking Safari

4 Days Rwenzori Mountains Hiking Safari Never before has this part of the park been developed or open to tourists, although it is often described in guide books as the most beautiful section of the park.

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uganda gorilla safaris

4 Days Kidepo Valley Wildlife Safaris in Uganda

Kidepo Valley National Park is located on Uganda ‘s border with Sudan and Kenya in the extreme corner in the Northeast of the country.

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7 Days Bwindi Gorillas Uganda and Serengeti Wildlife Safari

5 Days Best Gorilla Trekking Safaris Uganda

This 5 Days Best Gorilla Trekking Safari Uganda takes you to two magnificent national parks in Uganda which include Queen Elizabeth National park and Bwindi’s impenetrable national park.

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Wildlife safaris in Uganda

6 Days Best Uganda Adventure Safari

6 Days Best Uganda Adventure Safari to Murchison falls national park with a stopover at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary. It also takes you for a Gorilla trekking tour in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

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Where to go for Short Wildlife Safaris in Uganda?

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Mgahinga Park is where to go for Gorilla trekking and short wildlife safaris to Uganda. For short Primates tours in Uganda, the best destinations in Kibale Forest national park where you go for Chimpanzee tracking. Semuliki national park is well known for birding safaris in Uganda and the adventure to Sempaya hot springs.

And many more Uganda Safaris tour Destinations with Acacia Safaris Uganda Professional and authentic tour guides. We offer Amazing Short Uganda wildlife safaris tour excursions organized to fit in your time schedule at a pocket-friendly budget. This Short Uganda wildlife Safari excursions range from 1 to 6-days while in the Jungle on Uganda safaris.

Uganda National Parks

Uganda wildlife adventure safari

Murchison Falls National Park Uganda

Murchison Falls National Park is the largest protected area in Uganda. Covering 5.025kms, including Murchison Falls National Park, Karuma Wildlife Reserve, and Budongo Forest Reserve. The altitude range is from 619m at the delta on Lake Albert to 1.292 m at Rabongo hill.

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Uganda Wildlife Safari Game Drives

Queen Elizabeth National Park

The Queen Elizabeth national park is Uganda’s most visited national park. This park is known for its abundance in wildlife of about 95 mammal species and over 600 bird species. But it’s famous for its tree-climbing lions, whose males sport black manes in an area called Ishasha in Rukungiri.

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Cheap Uganda Safaris Tour

Kidepo Valley National Park

Kidepo Valley National park Is an isolated Uganda Wildlife Safari park found in the rocky semi-arid of Karamoja. It boarders with Uganda, South Sudan and Kenya. The park covers a 1442 square meters dominated by rugged savannah and beautiful blue mountains such as Napore-Nyagia mountain.

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These Short Uganda Wildlife Safaris will take you through the best destinations in Uganda and in different tour categories. Including honeymoon trips, Uganda wildlife safari, Family retreats, Uganda gorilla trekking trips, Chimp tracking trips and these mainly lead you to Kibale Forest and Queen Elizabeth Parks or Camping safaris and many other more proudly Tailored by Acacia Safaris Uganda.

Some People Also Search for Long Uganda Wildlife Safaris

uganda gorilla safaris

7 Day Primates Uganda Safaris Tour

The 7 Day Primates Uganda Safari gives you the opportunity to visit the most important national parks in Uganda for primate viewing in Bwindi and Kibale National Parks. You will do a lot of birding and game drives in open roof vehicles along the Queen Elizabeth National Park.

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uganda wildlife safari

9 Days Uganda Wildlife Safaris Tour

The 9 Days Uganda Wildlife Safaris Tour will visit the three most important national parks in Uganda; Murchison Falls, Queen Elizabeth and Bwindi Impenetrable. You will also enjoy the beautiful scenery of Lake Bunyonyi in Kabale. During the safari you will do the Gorilla tracking in Bwindi and the chimpanzee trek in Kyambura Gorge.

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Uganda Safari

12 Days Jungle Safaris Tour Uganda

The 12 Days Jungle Safaris Tour Uganda, gives you the opportunity to visit Murchison Falls, Kibale, Queen Elizabeth, Bwindi and Lake Mburo National Parks in Uganda. Furthermore, you can visit the Kasenda Crater Lake region and enjoy the scenery around Lake Bunyonyi in Kabale. Some of the activities include Gorilla tracking in Bwindi Forest.

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