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For over 15 years, the Africa safaris travel shop has been building a vision that through the support of our guests, allows us to run sustainable Africa safaris tour operations in natural places that really need to be preserved.

Ultimate Kenya Safaris Tour Packages by Africa Safaris Travel

Kenya Safaris Tour packages are organized by Acacia Safaris Uganda for Travelers who take on Kenya tours for Wildlife and Wildebeest migration adventures. Acacia Safari Uganda tailors customized affordable and discounted Tours to Kenya safaris to Wildlife Safari destinations in Kenya. Our discounted Kenya Safari Tours to Wildlife Safari destinations in Kenya which the Budget of any Africa Traveler. Kenya Wildlife Safaris are arranged to the most visited Kenya safari parks which are located in the Southern part of the Country including Maasai Mara National Park where you experience Millions of Animals (wildebeests) migrating from Serengeti park via the river mara

Rwanda Safari Packages | Rwanda Gorilla Trekking | Wildlife Safaris in Rwanda | Acacia Safaris Travel Africa

Acacia Safaris Uganda organizes cheap and authentic custom-made Rwanda safari packages to the most visited Rwanda safari destinations. Go for gorilla trekking in Rwanda Volcanoes national park to trek the critically endangered mountain gorillas which are only left in Rwanda, Uganda, and Eastern Congo in the Virunga massif. We also organize wildlife safari packages to Akagera national park and Chimpanzee tracking tour packages to Nyungwe forest national park for the best Rwanda safari memories.

Popular Tanzania Safaris Tour Packages – Africa Safaris Travel

Tanzania Wildlife Safaris are arranged to the popularly visited Tanzania safaris tour destinations which are located in the Northern part of the Country including Serengeti National Park where you experience Millions of Animals (wildebeests) migrating from Serengeti park via river Mara to Maasai Mara Park in Kenya. A gloriously wild panorama is still here when you book a Tanzania budget safaris tour. The comfortable weather and unparalleled scenic beauty with roads that run through it, littered with campgrounds and lodges, excellent year-round wildlife viewing; flocks of flamingos, silent families of giraffes, noisy packs of wild dogs, lions with no trouble finding lunch; zebras roaming around waiting for sunset, large herds of elephants and wildebeests, vultures waiting to clean for the lions to hunt again, so unique and adventurous.

Popular Uganda Mountain Climbing Safaris Tour Packages – Travel for Africa Memories

Uganda safaris are so diverse and can be confusing to choose from. Here are the 5 best Uganda safaris you shouldn’t miss making part of your Uganda tour. Dubbed the Pearl of Africa, Uganda is indeed a country worth visiting with lots of safari activities to do and attractions to see. There are several Best safaris in Uganda that a traveler can involve in with the best of them being gorilla trekking, wildlife safaris, bird watching chimpanzee tracking