12 Days Kenya Tanzania Safari

12 Days Kenya Tanzania Safari

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12 Days Kenya Wildlife Safari Tanzania Wildlife Tour: Safari Overview

12 Days Kenya Wildlife Safari & Tanzania Wildlife Tour, With your naturalist Africa Safari guide, leave for Tarangire National Park, Tanzania’s third largest National Park and sanctuary for an unusually large elephant population.

Day 1 of the 12 Days Kenya Wildlife Safari Tanzania Wildlife Tour – Arusha

On arrival at the Kilimanjaro airport connect to Willy’s Cottages or Oasis Lodge overnight.

Day 2-3 of the 12 Days Kenya Wildlife Safari Tanzania Wildlife Tour; Tarangire National Park

With your naturalist guide, leave for Tarangire National Park, Tanzania’s third largest National Park and sanctuary for an unusually large elephant population.

Majestic baobab trees are an interesting feature of the park that dwarfs the animals that feed beneath them. Animals converge along the Tarangire River, which provides the only everlasting water supply in the area.

There is a great diversity of wildlife including lions, cheetah, leopards, and about six thousand elephants. A bush walks and a cultural visit with the semi-nomadic tribes are also included. Overnight two nights at the Tarangire River Camp

Day 4 of the 12 Days Kenya Wildlife Safari Tanzania Wildlife Tour – Karatu

Kenya Wildlife Safari

Kenya Wildlife Safari

Leave for Karatu, on the outer slopes of the Ngorongoro Crater. Cross the floor of the Great Rift Valley near Lake Manyara.

Shopping and bargaining for bolts of crafts, cloth, and local produce immerse you in a daily ritual of African life in Mto Wa Mbu or Karatu.

Group options include or a nature walk or game drives in Lake Manyara National Park. With luck we might spot the Manyara lions, well known for their tree climbing habits, lazily resting on the branches of an Acacia tree.

Elephant, hippo, giraffe, buffalo, and other animals are present in Manyara National Park. The birdlife is also very impressive with flamingoes, pelicans, hornbills, and plenty of forest species. Enjoy the picnic near the park and overnight at the Ngorongoro Farm House. (FB)

Day 5 of the 12 Days Kenya Wildlife Safari Tanzania Wildlife Tour – Lake Eyasi

At 0500hours, drive across the rift valley up the escarpment to Lake Eyasi to join a pre-dawn walk with Bushmen hunters or spend time participating in the morning routine of the settlement. Your local guide will interpret for you and discuss hunting techniques still used by the tribes.

This dry and rugged landscape is inhabited by Bushmen who live in nomadic groups hunting with bow and arrow and gathering roots, tubers, and wild fruits.

Be prepared for an extraordinary cross-cultural experience as you join these nomadic Bushmen in their daily life. Return drive and overnight in a private mobile camp at the Ngorongoro Crater Verge.

Day 6-7 of the 12 Days Kenya Wildlife Safari Tanzania Wildlife Tour – Ngorongoro National Park

View game on the vast grasslands of the 100-meter crater floor. Spectacular animal life can be found throughout the year due to the everlasting availability of grass and water.

Ngorongoro is one of the most mesmerizing game haunts in Africa and has been pointed at a World Heritage Site. Local wildlife includes black-maned lion, the highly endangered black rhino, jackal, zebra, elephant, wildebeest, hippo, and hyena, the most important predator within the crater.

The birdlife is also prolific with flocks of flamingoes on the Soda Lake as well as other species of water and plains birds. Weather permitting, morning walk near the Empakai Crater on

Day 7 of the 12 Days Kenya Wildlife Safari Tanzania Wildlife Tour – Ngorongoro

This impressive caldera is especially suited to hiking along the animal trails, escorted by a ranger. The scenery of Empakai is gorgeous, with islands of forest and a waterfall at the source of the Munge River.

Monkeys and buffalo are frequently seen in the area. Take an afternoon visit to the Masai village where herdsmen are often grazing their cattle around the crater rim. Please carry warm clothing as you are camping at 7000 feet. Two Overnight at a private mobile camp on the rim of the Ngorongoro Crater.

Days 8-11 of the 12 Days Kenya Wildlife Safari Tanzania Wildlife Tour – Serengeti National Park (3 DAYS)

Drive early morning to Serengeti plains, stopping en route at the Olduvai Gorge where Mary Leakey discovered remains of Australopithecus Homo habilis and Homo erectus. Serengeti is conceivably the most impressive wildlife sanctuary in the world. These vast, seemingly ceaseless plains are inhabited during the migration by enormous herds of wildebeest and zebra.

The herds attract the attention of predators like lions, cheetahs, and hyenas. Serengeti also has got the massive granite Kopjes (islands of rock), standing in a sea of grass. The Kopjes harbor a great variety of plants and animals, from the elusive leopard to the tiny dik-dik.

The fabulous park is explored using vehicles mostly. Walks will be offered in the Ikoma region outside the park from June – November and in the Southern sector of the park from December – May. Spend four nights at the private mobile campsite in a savage area near the migratory herds.

Day 12 of the 12 Days Kenya Wildlife Safari Tanzania Wildlife Tour – Serengeti-Arusha- Or Trip Extension

Board a light aircraft flight over the plains of the Serengeti to Arusha. (Overland options available upon request). Overnight in the Oasis Lodge.

You can either choose to add to your package an extension trip to Tanzania’s mother of spices (Zanzibar) or wait for your scheduled flight back home. Nevertheless, this extension safari to Zanzibar is on the condition that you pay extra fees for the extension tour.

End of the 12 Days Kenya Wildlife Safari Tanzania Wildlife Tour

Most Popular Kenya Wildlife Safari Ideas / Kenya Safaris Tour Options

Kenya Safari Destinations / Where to go for Wildlife Safaris in Kenya?

Maasai Mara National Reserve: Masai Mara is the most famous and most visited reserve in Kenya. Since it is protected as a reserve and not as a national park, Masai Mara is not managed by Kenya Wildlife Service but by the local authorities, namely District Councils. The protection of this area, among other factors, favored re-population of the territory by the Maasai tribes, who by virtue of the reserve status were put in charge of the reserve’s management through the District Councils. Read More…

Amboseli National Reserve Kenya: Amboseli lies immediately North West of Mt. Kilimanjaro, on the border with Tanzania. Amboseli was established as a reserve in 1968 and gazetted as a National Park in 1974. The Park covers 392 km and forms part of the much larger 3,000 Kms Amboseli ecosystem. Large concentrations of wildlife occur here in the dry season, making Amboseli a popular tourist destination. Read More…

Samburu National Reserve Kenya: Samburu, Buffalo Springs, and Shaba are the most remote and inaccessible among the popular reserves located in Northern Kenya along the banks of the Ewaso Ngiro river. Shaba, the less visited of the three, is also the largest, with a total extension of 239 km. Samburu and Buffalo Springs are similar in surface area, 165 km and 128 km respectively. The area has been traditionally inhabited by the Samburu people, a nomad Paranilotic tribe closely related to the Maasai. Read More…

Lake Nakuru National Park: Lake Nakuru is a very strong alkaline lake 62 km in extent. Since its gazetting in 1968 as a national park, both authorities and conservation organizations have kept on winning the battle against private property and human settlings, further broadening the park limits in 1968 and 1974 to its current extension of 188 km. The park is easily accessible since Nakuru is the fourth city in the country and the head town of the Rift Valley. The park covers the lake and a land strip around the northern, Read More…

Aberdare National Park: Created in 1950, Aberdare National Park is located in the Central Highlands. The landscape is made by the moorland, peaks, and forest of the Kinangop Plateau in the South and the Salient rain forest in the East. Read More…

Mount Kenya National Park: Mt. Kenya is an imposing extinct volcano dominating the landscape of the Kenyan Central Highlands, east of the Rift. Mt. Kenya lies about 140 km North, North-East of Nairobi with its Northern flanks across the Equator. Read More…

Kenya Safari Attractions / What to See on A Kenya Wildlife Safari?

ABERDARE RANGES; The ranges are 343 km from Nairobi and are at an altitude of 2500-4000 ft occupying an area of 104 sq. km. The Aberdare National Park is part of the Aberdare Mountain Range. Deep valleys, streams, and rivers as well as cascading waterfalls feature in this region. Read More…

BIG FIVE; Amboseli National Park is one of Kenya’s most prevalent parks on account of the astonishing view it exhibits of nearby Mount Kilimanjaro, the world’s highest freestanding mountain. If you travel to Amboseli National Park, be sure of finding flocks of elephants with unforgettable views of Kilimanjaro. Read More…

KENYA BEACH HOLIDAYS; This is usually the last part of your safari around Kenya. After spending time in the bush on safari, take a few days to relax on the beaches and catch a tan before heading home. Read More…

MOUNT KENYA; The region affords an excellent game viewing. Examples include the black and white Colobus and Sykes bushbuck, elephant, monkeys, buffalo, black rhino, waterbuck, genet cat, and the bongo, Read More…

MOUNTAIN MERU; A commonly accepted area as the setting where Elsa, Joy Adamson’s lioness, was returned to the wild (Born Free 1960 – Written by Joy Adamson). Meru provides an astonishing combination of incomparable habitats. On the lower slopes of Mt. Kenya, Read More…

NAIROBI CITY; This is a great vacation site where you can get your films developed, wander through bookshops, and send off your postcards. This Safari vacation in Nairobi is almost inevitable. Stay in Nairobi, you’ll find a town full of hustle and bustle, Read More…

WILDLIFE AND SCENERY; This is where the refreshing waters of the Ewaso Ngiro River run through Samburu and draw towards plenty of wildlife – including lions, giraffes elephants, and zebras. Leopards are also regularly spotted. Read More…

THE GREAT RIFT VALLEY; Visit one of the wonders of the world on a Great Rift Valley tour. The valley forms a wide trench (about 5400 miles long) down the length of Africa that is visible from the moon. When planning to have a vacation at the Great Rift Valley in Kenya, Read More…

TREKKING SAFARIS; Maralal National Reserve is one of Kenya’s little-known treasures. Tucked away in the center of the country amidst the Ol Doinyo Lenkiyo Mountains. Maralal completely surrounds the Samburu town of the Maralal within the Reserve’s boundaries. It is one of the best places for trekking safaris, Camel safaris, and walking safaris. Read More…

Popular Uganda Safaris Tours Tailored by Acacia Safaris Uganda

Uganda safari, trips & tours from Uganda gorilla trekking tours to exciting game drives in the most visited Uganda Safari Destinations that will leave you wanting for more. The perfect Uganda safaris for you and your budget. Uganda is considered the Pearl of Africa has a lot to offer to the world in terms of safari adventures. Besides, Uganda has such a wealth of attractions that a single visit will not be enough to discover all its wonders. It has 10 National parks namely: Murchison falls NP, Kidepo Valley NP, Queen Elizabeth NP, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, Lake Mburo National Park, Semuliki National Park, Rwenzori Mountains NP, Kibale Forest NP, Bwindi impenetrable NP, Mt.Elgon NP. Each of these offers magnificent and unique fauna and flora, which make visitors always remember memorable moments in the Pearl of Africa.

Our most popular Uganda Gorilla Safaris to Bwindi Impenetrable Park and Mgahinga Gorilla Park offer our Gorilla Safari Uganda clients a great opportunity to go for Mountain Gorilla Trekking. The Most Popular Safari Packages include 3 days Bwindi Uganda Gorilla Trekking Safari and 3 days Mgahinga Gorilla Uganda Safari Tour. The Uganda Safari is categorized into 3 major categories namely Short safaris, medium safaris, and long safaris. The short safaris range from 1-3 days, the medium safaris range from 4-6 days and the long safaris range from 7 days and beyond.

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