Mount Elgon National Park, Mountain Hiking Tour in Uganda

Mount Elgon National Park is a Uganda Mountain Hiking Tour and Safari Destination located in Eastern Uganda bordering between Uganda and Kenya. Uganda Mountain Hiking Trips, where to go for Mountain Hiking Tour in Uganda. Mount Elgon is an extinct volcanic mountain with the largest surface area in the world (50km by 80km) and a caldera with a diameter of about 8 km.

The highest peak is Wagagai, 4.321 m. It lies at the border with Kenya. The National Park is 1.145 km in extension. The local people, Bagisu used to call the mount “Masaba”, while “Elgon” is named after the Anglicisation of the Maasai “El Kony”. The best time to visit Mount Elgon is May and September, November and December.

History of Mount Elgon National Park

This national park was originally known as Masawa on the Ugandan side and “ Ol Doinyo Lagoon” on the Kenyan side. The mountain is believed to have last erupted over 24 million years ago. In addition, this mountain is believed to have been higher than the legendary Mountain Kilimanjaro which is currently the highest in Africa. One of the Mountain Elgon peaks was named after explorer Fredrick Jackson who was the first European to climb Mt. Elgon in 1889.

Species to see on your mountain hiking tour to Uganda’s Mount Elgon National Park:

While ascending Mount Elgon, there are four different forest zones: the lush montane forest, the mixed bamboo belt, the heath, and the spectacular moorland hierarchs, which contains rare species like the giant Lobelia Elgonensis and clusters of groundsels which are unique to Africa.

At least 300 species of birds are recorded, including Jackson’s francolin, guinea fowls, sunbirds, and turacos. The checklist for mammals includes at least 24 species.

  • Wildlife in Mount Elgon National Park

Over 24 mammal species are found in this park, these include; Bush Duiker, Bush bucks, Antelopes, Civets, Wildcats and the elusive Leopard on the mountain slopes, as well as Hyenas, Jackals, Rock Hyrax, Buffalos and Elephants in the forests.

The park is also the home of over 300 birds and these include; Jackson’s Francolin, Moustached Green Tinkerbird and Alpine Chat. Mountain Elgon is one of the few places in Uganda where the endangered Lammergeyer can be spotted soaring above the caldera and Suam gorge.

Activities to do on your Mountain hiking tour to Uganda’s Mount Elgon National Park:

There are several trekking trails around Mount Elgon national park, all open to everybody as this is not a difficult mountain to climb (Sasa, Sipi and Piswa trials). The full trekking circuit to the peaks takes 5 to 6 days to complete. The nature walks allow you to see flora and fauna, the enormous caves, gorges and hot springs.

One day hikes are possible from the Forest Exploration Centre at Parkway. Particularly fascinating is the hike from Sipi trading center to the Sipi Falls, a series of four pretty waterfalls culminating in a 99m drop at an altitude of 1.775 m, along the river Sipi, which originates from Mount Elgon national park.

  • Mountain climbing on Mount Elgon

This activity is by far the most exciting activity in the park, this is because you  are given the thrilling opportunity to enjoy nature at its best. Mountain Elgon trails are not very strenuous but have a variety of activities. It takes a few days to reach Wagagai which makes the activity convenient.

Birding is also another exciting activity at Mountain Elgon , this is because Mountain Elgon is the home of a variety of birds including the endangered Lammergeyer. The best birding location while at this park is Kapkwai forest exploration centre, the  secondary forest and thick scrub along the loop trail to Cheptui falls in particular are the most Favourable.

Hiking/nature walks is yet another fascinating activity. The hikers trails lead past caves, viewpoints and waterfalls. On this expedition, they are able to see primates and various birds as well as tree species.

The tourists will also have an encounter with the cultural community. They will be able to meet the Bugisu farmers who are famous for their Arabica coffee and you will see how coffee is grown.

Other Mount Elgon national park safaris include visiting the beautiful Sipi falls and Cave exploration.

  • Accommodation at the park

Your accommodation needs will be taken care of at a variety of lodges such as; Mount Elgon Hotel, Mbale resort hotel, Sunrise Inn, Kapkwata guesthouse, Siam guesthouse, Masha hotel, Noah’s Ark, Savanna Guesthouse, Sipi river lodge, The crow’s nest camp, Lacam lodge, Sasa river camp and several other lodges as well a campsites.

  • How to get to Mountain Elgon National Park

You can take a 235km drive to Mountain Elgon via Mbale to Kapchorwa. Alternatively, you can take a flight from Entebbe to Soroti.

Mountain Elgon national park

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Mount elgon national park

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Mount elgon national park

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