Forest Walks in Kibale National Park – Nature walking Safaris in Kibale Forest

Kibale National Park is one of the top safaris parks in Uganda, famous for its large population of wild chimpanzees – over 1500 chimps are said to be living in the Park. Besides chimpanzees, there are also other 10 to 11 primate species in Kibale, thus known as ‘‘the primate capital of the world’’. A Forest Walks in Kibale National Park are a great way to experience the park’s abundant flora and fauna. Besides primate tracking, you can also explore Kibale on guided nature walks, led by local knowledgeable guide, following different designated trails within the park.

Forest Walks in Kibale National Park or Guided nature walks in Kibale National Park are without a doubt a fantastic adventure activity in the park. During the walk in the forest, you will enjoy the picturesque lush tropical forest, grasslands, and marshes. The Nature walks usually start from either Kanyunchu or Sebitoli. The duration of a nature walk in Kibale can last anywhere between 2 to 6 hours. Nature walks do not only allow you to connect with nature but also offers opportunities to spot some resident wildlife in the Park.

Kibale National Park is located in western Uganda, about 345 km from Kampala, Uganda’s Capital. The National Park lies close to the beautiful and serene Ndali Kasenda crater area and is next to Queen Elizabeth National Park. The Area in-between is a long migration corridor that stretches from Ishasha southern sector of Queen Elizabeth to sebitoli in northern Kibale.  The National Park is home to 1,500 Chimpanzees and 12 other primate species that you will be able to spot during your Guided Forest Walks in Kibale Forest National Park.


Kibale Forest Safaris – Guided Forest Walks in Kibale  National Park 

The activity is a major highlight of safaris in Kibale forest National Park. Walking or guided nature walks in Kibale forest starts from Kanyunchu at 8:00 am and 14:00 daily. The excursion will take you into the forest park where you will enjoy incredible sightseeing experiences majorly spotting the chimps. The activity is Unique and fantastic however requires a lot of preparation before you embark on it.

There are also extended nature walks that can be organized for visitors to Kibale National Park. extended nature walks & hikes in Kibale will allow travelers almost the whole day in the jungle and you will come out in the evening to rest in the campsites that are just within the surrounding villages.

Chimpanzees are the commonly spotted primate species in the park and there is up to 90% guarantee of spotting them during Guided Forest Walks in Kibale Forest National Park. In the recent years, the chimpanzee community has been habituated around Kanyunchu – the visitors can approach the chimps just a few meters. This has improved the chimp trekking experience since visitors get to have a close look at these lucrative creatures in their natural habitat.

Walking in these forests will also grant you great opportunities to connect with nature and also spot different forms of flora and fauna. The National park has varying vegetation types offering a range of wildlife habitats ranging from moist evergreen forest and dry tropical forest to the woodland and savannah that stretches along the rift valley floor.

If you love to watch butterflies or look for birds, you can also take daytime nature walks in Kibale forest national park. There are over 200 species of butterflies and more than 375 different bird species in Kibale National Park. Night nature walks are also enjoyable and you have a chance to explore the nocturnal species such as bush babies, pottos, and more.

How do I get to Kibale Forest National Park?

The National Park can be accessed via road, the convenient route is the Kampala-Fort Portal via Mubende town. Through Mbarara Road or Kamwenge Road, you can also get to the southern section of Fort Portal, where Kibale National Park is located.

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