Why are Tanzania Safaris more expensive than Kenya Safaris? – Difference between Kenya and Tanzania Safari Prices

Are you planning a safari to East Africa? There is something you ought to know about the top two East African safari destinations, Tanzania and Kenya. Although safaris may generally be expensive to any destination in Africa, you may wonder why Tanzania Safaris are more expensive than Kenya Safaris yet the two countries offer almost the same adventures. If you are wondering ‘Why are Tanzania Safaris more expensive than Kenya Safaris?’ here is all you need to know about the variation in safari prices in these two safari destinations.

If you are looking for an excellent adventure in Africa, both Kenya and Tanzania are remarkable destinations although deciding where to visit will depend on what you want to experience. Both countries allow you to spend your time in nature, game viewing some of the best wildlife Africa has to offer, enjoying the radiant sunshine and building everlasting relationships with other travelers, and capturing the best memories of the wilderness. Although both countries are remarkable for safaris, Kenya is undoubtedly the more economical destination. At Acacia Safaris Limited, we offer a wide range of tour that are affordable and well-crafted to give you a first hand safari experience in both Kenya and Tanzania. Our Tanzania Packages allow you to explore the iconic safari Parks and Reserves in the country at affordable costs. Plan with us here..

What exactly makes Tanzania Safaris more expensive? – Why are Tanzania Safaris more expensive than Kenya Safaris?

There are several factors that contribute to the overall price of a safari. If you are travelling to Africa. You may find that the cost of travel in Kenya and Tanzania can be higher than travel between other countries in Europe for several reasons. Why are Tanzania Safaris more expensive than Kenya Safaris?Here is what makes a Tanzania Safari more expensive than a Kenya Safari;

Limited transportation options: Although several modes of transportation are available in Tanzania, including flights, buses, and trains, the options are limited compared to other regions like Europe. It is much easier to travel in European countries than it is in Kenya and Tanzania. To travel to a National Park or a wildlife reserve, there are no public means available and you will need to hire a private safari vehicle. Since you may not be familiar with the area and driving on African roads, the best option will be to let your tour operator make all the arrangements for you. This thus makes safaris Expensive in Tanzania.

Distance: The distance between major cities and the tourist destinations like Ruaha National Park makes a Tanzania Safari more expensive. The cost of travel increases as the distance between destinations increases.

Seasonal demand:

Travel to Tanzania can be more expensive during peak tourist seasons, such as the dry months. During the high seasons in Tanzania, most service providers are fully booked and this leads to a hike in prices of services. For example flights can see significant price increases during peak travel times. The accommodation rates and activity fees tend to be high during the high season.

Infrastructure: Some areas of Tanzania, have less developed transportation infrastructure than other regions of the world making it more difficult to navigate. This attracts higher transportation costs due to increased maintenance and logistical challenges. There are several other factors that contribute to the final safari cost in Tanzania.

The average cost of a Safari in Tanzania – Tanzania Safari Prices

A budget safari in Tanzania can cost as little as $250 per person per day, a luxury safari over $1,000 per person per day. A mid-range Tanzania safari costs $300 to $500 per person per day. At Acacia Safaris Limited, we have a wide range of safari packages for you that will offer you the best Tanzania Safari experience.

Comparison between Kenya and Tanzania – Why are Tanzania Safaris more expensive than Kenya Safaris?

Comparing Kenya and Tanzania safaris and tours to determine which one offers the best African experience is a great but challenging task. Both countries are captivating African safari destinations that boast an abundance of wildlife and offer a Big Five Safari Experience.

Find the destination comparisons below, and be able to choose the best between Tanzania and Kenya safari options.


Tanzania offers a larger quantity of wildlife in comparison to Kenya. This is due to the fact that Tanzania is a larger country than Kenya. Additionally, more of the Great Migration occurs in Tanzania, providing a greater opportunity to witness this natural phenomenon throughout the year when compared to Kenya.

Moreover, Tanzania has fewer visitors than Kenya, making game parks and safaris less crowded and safer. It should be noted that accommodation on a Tanzania safari may be a bit more costly than a Kenya safari.

In Tanzania, there are fewer large hotels or resorts, so lodges and camps tend to fill up quickly during peak season. Closed vehicles are used for safari drives in game reserves to ensure safety. Tanzania is also home to more iconic natural landmarks, such as Mount

Kilimanjaro, Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Crater, and The Great Rift Valley Escarpment.

Tanzania is a safe destination for safari, and its national parks are larger, allowing for longer game drives to spot wildlife in comparison to Kenya safaris.



A Kenya Safari is an amazing experience that offers the opportunity to witness African wildlife in its natural habitat, including the great migration river crossings of the wildebeest. When comparing Kenya vs Tanzania, Kenya is wealthier and has a more developed infrastructure and tourism industry, providing a greater choice of hotels and lodges.

Game parks in Kenya are also more accessible, with Nairobi serving as the capital and the hub of all flights. The top attractions in Kenya are Amboseli, The Masai Mara with the Mara River, and Lake Nakuru. Accommodation in Kenya is generally less expensive than in Tanzania, making it more budget-friendly for safaris.

Accommodation options in Kenya range from walk-in Meru tents to luxury African lodges. Vehicles used for safari drives are typically closed vehicles. National Parks in Kenya are smaller, making it easier to spot animals quickly when compared to a Tanzania Safari.

Kenya is a safe destination for your African safari. It also offers a wider range of safari activities, including walking safaris, boat cruises, and village tours. However, a Visa and Yellow Fever certificate are required for entry.

Both Tanzania and Kenya have coastlines along the warm Indian Ocean, which makes it a great idea to end your safari with a couple of days relaxing on one of Zanzibar’s pristine beaches.

When it comes to the best safari experience in Tanzania or Kenya, both countries are known for their expansive savannah and golden grasslands, which offer plentiful grazing for animals. Where there are grazers, predators such as lions and leopards can be found.

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