How Safe is a Kenya Safari? – Is Kenya safe to visit in 2024?

How Safe is a Kenya Safari? Kenya is a safe destination to visit for all kinds of travelers who are interested in exploring the country’s beautiful safari destinations. With over two decades of experience in Tours and Travel, we have firsthand experience with the various travel destinations in Africa and are confident in recommending Kenya as a safe and welcoming country to visit. If you are still wondering ‘‘Is Kenya safe to visit in 2024?’’ Kenya is a safe and charming destination that you should explore in 2024. When you choose to plan with us, the worries of How Safe is a Kenya Safari? Are no more since our team will ensure you have a safe tour in Kenya.

Our team of Africa Safari Experts is based in Africa, which means that we are continually exploring new destinations and experiences to ensure that our clients have the best travel experiences. We would never recommend a destination that we wouldn’t visit ourselves or with our families, and we are committed to ensuring that our clients have a memorable and safe trip while in Kenya.

Is Kenya safe to visit in 2024? Kenya is a popular tourist destination that is known to be generally safe for visitors. The country boasts a well-established tourist industry that ensures visitors are well taken care of. However, it is important to note that some remote border areas have been deemed unsafe by several governments. Nevertheless, tour operators are knowledgeable about these risks and will only take tourists to places that are considered safe.

Here is all you need to know about Kenya Safety – Kenya Travel Advisory – How Safe is a Kenya Safari?

Kenya is a popular tourist destination known for its spectacular wildlife reserves and natural beauty. While there is a long-standing travel advisory issued by the US State Department, it should be noted that it pertains to specific and strictly non-tourist areas in the distant east of the country. The majority of Kenya is safe for tourists to visit, and thousands of American tourists visit the country’s incredible wildlife areas like the Masai Mara, Samburu, Amboseli, and Laikipia every year without incident. If you are still wondering How Safe is a Kenya Safari? This question should not linger in your head anymore since Kenya is a safe destination to visit.

Terror Threats and Security in Kenya

How Safe is a Kenya Safari? Kenya’s authorities take the international terror threat seriously and have implemented strict security measures at airports and visible policing in public places such as shopping malls and outdoor markets, ensuring the safety of visitors to Kenya.

It’s important to note that tourists do not visit eastern Kenya at all, as this area is considered unsafe. However, the famous game reserves are located on the opposite side of the country, along Kenya’s western border with Tanzania. This is a stable and peaceful area, marked by simple stone cairns that separate Kenya’s Masai Mara from Tanzania’s Serengeti. Every year, millions of wildebeest migrate through this area.

Kenya, like many other democracies around the world, goes through short periods of political change occasionally. However, these changes are centered around Nairobi, which is far from the country’s safari areas. In some cases, visitors will fly out of Nairobi immediately after landing and head to the Masai Mara, Amboseli, Samburu, or Laikipia.


Our Own Experience in Kenya – What we do to make sure you are safe in Kenya

Acacia Safaris Limited is a premier travel company that specializes in providing unforgettable experiences to its clients in Kenya. Our staff and clients travel to Kenya frequently and have stayed both in Nairobi and the Masai Mara. We have received numerous reports from our travelers about the high levels of airport security, which has added to their sense of comfort and security.

To ensure that our guests have nothing but the most enjoyable and seamless experience, we have instituted a range of measures that guarantee their safety and peace of mind. For instance, our guests do not drive themselves or take any form of local transport. Instead, we provide a local guide or driver who will be with them throughout their visit.

We also tailor our guests’ itineraries to allow for chartered flights and private transfers with trusted and professional suppliers every step of the way. This ensures that our guests are in the best hands as they explore Kenya from peaceful retreats and luxury lodges. We are committed to making sure that our guests have the time of their lives in Kenya while feeling completely safe and secure.


Is Kenya Safe to Visit? – How Safe is a Kenya Safari?

With the constant development of the safari industry in Kenya and regular lodge and camp openings, the message is loud and clear: Kenya is thriving and open for business. And there’s a reason it remains one of the most sought-after safari destinations: the game viewing is incredible year-round, the people friendly and the logistics easy.


Best Kenya Travel Tips – How to stay safe during a Kenya Safari

As with traveling anywhere in the world, it’s important to be vigilant to avoid unnecessary hassles. Here are some general health and safety tips for traveling around Kenya:

– Before leaving for Kenya, make sure to visit your doctor for a prescription of malaria pills, as Kenya is a high-risk malaria destination. Taking your medication will help eliminate the risk of not being able to find them at local pharmacies.

– Don’t forget to pack insect repellent.

– When you arrive in Kenya, always be mindful of your belongings. Never leave anything unguarded and only take out your cameras or other valuables when necessary.

– In some busy towns like Nairobi and Mombasa, pickpocketing can sometimes be an issue, so it’s a good idea to be alert in busy places like markets.

– When enjoying Kenya’s beaches, ensure your belongings are being watched before heading off for a swim.

– Make copies of all your travel documents and keep them in your luggage.

– We will provide you with all the information you need about which areas to avoid and guide you every step of the way, leaving you to focus on enjoying the experience.

Food Hygiene in Kenya 

When you embark on a Kenya safari adventure and stay at top lodges and safari camps, you can be confident that the food you’ll be served will be of the highest quality. You’ll be amazed by the delicious local delicacies that you’ll have the chance to try.

However, when you’re traveling through cities and towns, it’s important to be more cautious when choosing what to eat. Avoid eating meat, unpasteurized dairy products, and raw foods such as fruits or salads that can’t be peeled. It’s always a good idea to opt for well-cooked meals and be careful to choose establishments that prioritize sanitation and hygiene. Avoid restaurants or food vendors that appear unclean or don’t have many customers.

At Acacia Safari Limited, we believe in the “we know because we go” philosophy, and we’re always happy to share our recommendations for where and what to eat. Our goal is to ensure that your travel experience is seamless from start to finish. We will recommend the best places to have your meal while in Kenya.

Is Kenya Safe for LGBTQ+ Travellers?

Unfortunately, Kenyan law prohibits homosexual activity. However, many LGBTQ+ individuals and couples still visit Kenya and have an amazing adventure. The safari industry in Kenya generally accepts the LGBTQ+ community with understanding and tolerance, and it is safe to visit the country’s prime safari destinations. However, it is important to consider the conservative nature of Kenya and to avoid public displays of affection.


Is Kenya Safe for Female Solo Travellers?

Kenya is a safe destination for female solo travelers. Most parts of Kenya are well-suited for solo travel in general. The locals are friendly and hospitable, and English is widely spoken. However, as a female solo traveler, it is always best to adopt the safety practices you would use when traveling anywhere in the world. For instance, it’s advisable to avoid walking alone at night in cities or on deserted beaches.

Since Kenya is a safari-focused destination, many female solo travelers have chosen to fly into camps and enjoy shared game drives or group safaris for the social element. Alternatively, one can opt to go it alone with a guide. Whatever your preference or budget, our Africa Safari Experts can tailor a legendary female solo traveler journey to your liking.

Is Kenya Safe for white tourists?

Kenya is a beautiful African country that is popular among tourists, including white travelers. The country boasts a diverse range of attractions, from breathtaking natural landscapes to vibrant cities and cultural sites. Kenya is generally considered a safe destination for tourists, including those of different races and nationalities. The local people are known for their warm hospitality and friendly nature, which makes visitors feel welcome and at ease. Whether you are interested in wildlife safaris, beach holidays, or cultural experiences, Kenya has something for everyone. So, if you are looking for a memorable travel experience, Kenya is worth considering. Plan your Kenya Vacation with Acacia Safaris Limited and experience life-changing adventures.

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