Why is Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda Expensive?

Gorilla trekking is undoubtedly one of the most expensive activities in Rwanda. The cost of a gorilla trekking permit is very expensive but truly worth it. In Rwanda, a gorilla trekking permit costs US$ 1500.

Mountain gorillas are only found in the three African countries which are Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo. Rwanda sells the most expensive gorilla permits of all the countries and this is because;

Gorilla conservation is such a costly investment with the need to pay for conservationists, rangers, doctors, and anyone who contributes to the wellbeing of the gorillas. The survival of mountain gorillas is much dependent on conservation efforts which makes it expensive.

The cost of keeping the mountain gorillas is high and this makes the total cost of each permit expensive. However, the fact that part of the gorilla trekking permit cost goes towards conservation makes it all worth it.

Gorilla trekking permits funds to contribute to the development of the surrounding communities. The communities living around the park depended on the forests for survival and due to conservation efforts, they were forced to live outside the forest.

Therefore, park management contributes to the community by helping with the construction of infrastructure, schools, and health facilities. With proceeds from your permit being of help to the communities it makes it all worth it.

Only three countries in the world are home to mountain gorillas and this makes the demand for gorilla trekking permits high. With the high demand for gorilla trekking permits the world over, there is a need to control the number of people visiting the mountain gorillas.

The mountain gorillas live in their natural habitat and to see them, an individual has to go trekking. In a bid to protect and conserve the mountain gorilla habitat, each permit is sold at a higher price to minimize how many people get to the forests each day.

The cost of each gorilla trekking permit is valid for individuals above 15 years of age allowing them to spend a maximum of one hour watching the mountain gorilla family.

Gorilla trekking is an activity worth undertaking for an authentic jungle experience as you see these gentle giants within their natural habitat. This is a very unique experience from seeing a gorilla in a zoo.

For wildlife viewing experiences to see the great Big Five (Buffaloes, Rhinos, Lions, leopards, and Elephants) as well as other wildlife species, then a Kenya safari or Tanzania tour are top choices for East Africa.

Why is Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda Expensive?

Why is Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda Expensive?

Gorilla trekking/tracking in UgandaWhy is Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda Expensive?

Uganda gorilla trekking safaris are done in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in South western Uganda.

Gorilla safaris in Uganda started way back in 1993 when gorilla trekking was opened to tourists after a gorilla habituation process. A gorilla trekking permit in Uganda costs USD 600 for each permit sold to only individuals above the age of 15.

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