10 Uganda Safari Safety Tips

10 Uganda Safari Safety Tips

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10 Uganda Safari Safety Tips during COVID-19

Knowing safety tips especially amidst the COVID-19 pandemic is essential in planning any Uganda safari. These 10 Uganda safari safety tips will help travelers in planning their tours rightly and keep safe during the trip. Having a safari in the African wilderness or jungles is an amazing experience but with the fact that you come close to wild animals, it can also be dangerous.

With the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, guidelines were set by the Uganda Wildlife Authority to ensure that the tourists, rangers, tour guide, and everyone who is involved in the tour process is safe from infections.

  1. Primates especially mountain gorillas and chimpanzees have DNA closely related to that of humans and therefore it is feared that if a person is infected they can easily transmit the virus to the apes. When trekking or tracking all persons are required to follow the standard operating procedures that include, hand washing, sanitizing, wearing a recommended mask, checking body temperature, and having a confirmation test with COVID-19 negative test.
  2. During Uganda wildlife safaris always stay in your safari vehicle. Follow the rules and do not move out as some species are carnivores and getting close to them can be dangerous. While in the vehicle do not stick out anything out the vehicle as it may attract some animals or get them upset. Always also keep your safari car windows up all the time during the game drive.
  3. Keep a distance from wildlife. When having wildlife tours, it is easy to keep your distance since you stay in the safari vehicle. However, for activities like gorilla and chimpanzee trekking, tourists walk on foot and get close to wildlife. It is always advised to keep a 7 meters distance from the wildlife at all times. This helps to control the spread of contagious diseases and also keep safe in case the animals get agitated and attack.
  4. For walking safaris ensure to have a calm scent. Always follow the rules of the guide and when the animal you are approaching looks hostile move away slowly. Ensure to move back slowly and quietly
  5. For those undertaking adventure trips including activities that require getting into the water, make sure you have been guided and advised that it is safe for you to swim or get into the water. Activities like white water rafting in Jinja at the source of the Nile River, abseiling at Sipi Falls, swimming at Lake Bunyonyi, and many more activities should be done in designated areas.
  6. Avoid moving late in the night. When in the city, always consider moving less in the night. It gets risky moving late in the night especially if you are traveling solo. It attracts petty thieves. In the night, you should also avoid visiting ATMs to withdraw cash, moving with gadgets, or moving by foot because by doing so you will be exposing yourself to the risk of theft.
  7. Keep watch while in public places. While in public places avoid moving alone and portraying that you are unaware of where you are headed to. In case of robbery, do not physically resist since you could get into a fight with a gang especially very late at the night. While in public places like bars, do not leave food and drinks unattended too.
  8. Always remember to carry a copy of your passport and identification and leave the originals in the hotels. This is if you are staying in the hotel for several days and the hotel has a safe. But if it is not safe in the hotel, you can move with your documents.
  9. Have photography etiquette. Every photographer would wish to take each opportunity to catch those memories with their cameras. However, remember to have a photography etiquette. You can take photos of all kinds of animals on safari but you should not take photos of locals without their express permission. The locals may not feel safe with what you are doing and can easily get upset with you, something you wouldn’t want to happen.
  10. Pack the right clothing. Pack and wear the right safari clothing. Wear neutral safari clothing with khaki clothing that will not attract tsetse flies. Since khaki clothing gets dirty easily, you can wear blue jeans and khaki shirts. Avoid wearing blue shirts while on game drives to avoid attracting tsetse flies. Avoid wearing army like clothes since they may be referred to as camouflage.

There are several activities that can be done while on safari and these include Uganda gorilla trekking safaris, chimpanzee trekking tour, bird watching, and many more. These 10 Uganda safari safety tips are essential for also other trips including Rwanda tours, Kenya safaris, and Tanzania safaris tours.

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10 Uganda Safari Safety Tips COVID-19

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10 Uganda Safari Safety Tips COVID-19

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